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Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide myanmar

With attractive natural sceneries and open trade policies to foreign countries in recent years, myanmar has become a favorite place for tourists. burma tours are always crowded and happen regularly to encounter the need of visitors. However, prior coming to this country, you should learn about some customs and traditions here to make your trip more comfortable and interesting. This article provides some most useful rough guide myanmar so you can better enjoy the trip.First, when visiting temples and other Buddhist religious sites, tourists ought to go bareheaded and walk barefoot. You are not allowed to wear hats, shoes and socks, especially shorts, T-shirts, too thin or too short skirts when visiting temples. Reading some burma tours blogs, it is easy to see the information for any visitor. Some places do not allow women to approach the altars. Visitors should uncover the suitable time and site to carry photos then ask for permission to carry pictures and film. Besides, you have to respect monks and nuns (Burmese called Sangha) and the elderly. Visitors should not shake the hands of monks.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

myanmar citizen believe the east represent the amazing luck. They fall out with that the east is the site to find the purity of the Buddha. That explains why the Buddha altar in the Burmese family is often placed close to the east wall of the main room. When they rest, their head ought to turn toward the east, not the west, because it is the smeariness and they will encounter unhappiness. You can ask the local people more about the habit in a burma private tours.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

Greeting together with a smile is a common habit. Burmese believe that the sinciput is a destination of respect, so other citizen are not allowed to touch their heads, even toward children. People also do not interfere the privacy and secrets of their friends or colleagues. They respect the freedom of each other. The customs are described very interestingly in numerous myanmar guide books.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

According to the myanmar tradition, citizen have to put off their shoes before entering the house. It is a essential rough guide burma. When meeting the elderly, do not use the right hand for handshakes because the right hand is considered unclean. When visiting rural and mountainous villages, visitors should first learn about the local customs to show their respect for the people traditions.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

Talking about eating habits, burmese people only eat two meals a day at 9 a.m. And 5 p.m., and they have snack for lunch. In meals, they often possess vegetables, shrimp or fish. They said that if they lack fish and shrimp, they do not eat appetizers. Joining in any burma backpack adventure, you could be invited to possess meals with the citizen. Burmese do not eat rice with chopsticks. Previous eating, they ought to wash their hands and then use their hands to roll the rice into balls and eat with vegetables. Myanmar people always eat with their right hand. In their scenery, the left hand often does daily inclue hygiene work, so they are not used for eating. Buddhists often avoid eating beef and Muslims do not eat pork.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

myanmar has very few ATMs, so it is the best to bring cash when you adventure here. And be sure that your money is not crushed, torn or has any odd traces, otherwise it will not be used. According to some burma blogs, redit cards are only accepted at 5 star hotels and grand restaurants.

Traditional costumes of the myanmar citizen are "longyi" skirts. Men bind skirts in front, and the skirts of women are folded up and sewed on the hip. In particular, in the cities, Burmese men only wear underwear under the longyi skirts when going out to the streets. In rural areas, it is noticeable to be a myanmar attraction that wearing underwear is less common with both men and women.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

The next strange habit of the burma citizen is that they celebrate the New Year in four days. New Year (Thingyan) is a special holiday for the citizen in this country. "Thingyan" is known as the water splash festival, which usually takes site in April every year. It is also a simple feature of Burmese customs for rough guide burma. On these days, some places such as banks, restaurants, shops are all closed. The two biggest cities celebrate the New Year the most imposingly are Yangon (30 km from Martaban Bay) and Mandalay City (716 km north of Yangon). During the festival, people often splash the others with water to wash away the bad lucks and sins of the before year and set free to birds and fish on the final day of the festival.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

myanmar has a fire-burning festival in October and this festival is similar to the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. They burn lights to welcome the novice Buddha return from Nirvana. The festival makes it worth a world myanmar visit for worldwide tourists. This festival lasts for three days, during which every family burn lights and fireworks. Myanmar also has another large festival, it is Myanmar's independence day on January 4.

When visiting burma, visitors will see that the local citizen also own a odd custom. According to the spectacle of Burmese people, to be a charming woman, from the age of 5, any girl ought to wear a belt waist, then embroidered 30 more belts. Getting to myanmar, you will see that for a man choosing a wife, the size of her waist is one of the criteria to be put under consideration.

myanmar also has a lot of nice customs. Buddhism has a splendid impact on the daily life of the Burmese. So citizen live truthfully, worship Buddhism and dress casually. The mutual morale of the Burmese people is very high. Whether in urban or rural areas, the people are treated with respect, rarely quarreling or scolding each other. Burmese are very self-conscious of the law. Hunting birds, animals or arbitrarily cutting trees are taboo. They believe if something is not your contain property, you will not allowed to use. So the phenomenon of robbery or theft in public is very uncommon. With that lifestyle, the phenomenon of adultery lead to divorce in society is also limited. You should possess known one rough guide myanmar already that Burmese citizen voluntarily give alms to monks. Tremendous poor citizen are always eagar to give them food or money.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

Burmese people inclue no surnames, they only own first names. When greeting, they often fold their hands in front of their chests or lower their heads. Myanmar citizen love birds. Buffalo is also respected. When seeing a buffalo on the street, you ought to give ways for the buffalo to pass original. Some places in the temple area, especially the solemn and sacred places, do not permit women to enter. You should ask the local guide to be sure you are in the right position. Another primary rough guide burma, women should not sit on the top of a car or boat and on a roof, which means sitting over someone else's head. Women are also not allowed to touch or shake hand with monks in any way. If you lucklessly touch, you had better apologize. In burma, only men are allowed to be a monk. If you wear traditional Burmese dresses, you should wear turtle-neck, not uncovered the back, the belly and the chest and women have to wear bras. You must wear trousers and long sleeved shirts when visiting the temples of Myanmar; Filming and taking some pictures is a sensitive issue in burma. This is the most troublesome problem that numerous tourists meet. You should avoid photographing or filming at sensitive burma sites related to politics, hospital, security. In case you are caught by police and arrested to delete the picture, it will be better if delete it and apologize. Do not run away or try to persuade because you will only get into trouble if you do that.

Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide Myanmar

Each country has its have unique customs, so does burma. So you should learn about the culture of burma people previous traveling here. With the development of information currently, it is not picky at all to read useful rough guide myanmar previous your trip. By that way, you will definitely own a perfect and interesting go to to this country.

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Top four famous beaches in myanmar to discover

myanmar is a fairy place to get to for sea-loving visitors. There are numerous captivating beaches waiting for you to explore. If you haven’t found a site to come on your burma tours, you may find some suggestions in this article. Let’s find out top beautiful beaches in burma and choose the best one for your next trip!

Ngapali Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

The name Ngapali Beach is named after the captivating city of Naples, Italy. Ngapali is a beautiful beach with 7 kilometers stretching white sand covered by palm trees. The sea is always a deep blue turquoise color with fluttering waves such as a welcome signal. The other reason makes this destination the best place to go in burma tours is that you can go to this site easily. There are tremendous flights to this place a day from Yangon, you just need to await for about 45 minutes to bring a new flight. If you want to visit by street, you be able to go through the Rakhine Yoma Mountains.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

The still Ngapali beach is an ideal place for people, who are too tired of hasty life. Come here in your burma package journey, you may enjoy in maximum level, laying around the beach or soaking in the cool blue sea, throw all the worries to the waves. The myanmar tourism industry is quite developed, offering you many marine sports, like scuba diving, kayaking, biking around the beach, and golf on the beach.

In addition, you contain tremendous choices to waste your time of your myanmar adventure tour here, such as: exploring the natural landscape around the beach, visiting small fishing villages and local markets, or biking to the countryside to uncover the life of local citizen. You also could go on a boat to the beautiful offshore islands.

Accommodation services are very diverse. You can choose from the pristine small huts set on the beach to the glamorous villas for your burma travels & tours. The foods here is amazing too. There are tremendous restaurants serving fresh seafood at affordable prices. If you are not too difficult in eating, you should try all the dishes when you come here.

Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

Ngwe Saung Beach (also known as Silver Beach) is located south of Ngapali Beach and near the capital Yangon. It only takes 35 minutes to fly from Yangon, or 6 hours adventure by road. Travelers also can choose go by boat from Yangon on myanmar tour. The trip takes 16 hours going through Pathein. Go by boat is very awesome because you be able to relax the panoramic spectacle of immense sky and the feeling of floating on the sea.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

A decade ago, a series of resorts sprung up on the beach. Rates range from $15 to $400. There is a green swimming pool in resort but we believe you have to prefer swimming in the sea on your myanmar travel tour. Ngwe Saung sea water is also as fresh as Ngapali beach. Here you can lie sunbathing on the beach, try scuba diving, or walk to journey the island at the end of the beach at low tide.

If you love driving and exploring, you be able to bring a motorbike to discover the 15km coastline, drive on undulating rock, or simply walk along the stretch of coastline.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste seafood. There are crayfish, lobster, crabs, jellyfish and so on. If you wake up at dawn, you may notice the fisherman caught seafood on the beach. Try to get some seafood from fishermen because it is very fresh and cheap. It have to be the most unforgettable memories of your burma tour.

Chuang Tha Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

Chuang Tha Beach is not as captivating as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung, but is ideal for anyone who want to notice a calm destination close to Yangon to have some enjoy time on burma travels & tour. Located along the road to Chuang Tha is a green field, far away is the misty mountains. There is a series of international standard hotels, restaurants and spas in front of the beach. You may choose one to stay on your trip, enjoy dining and beauty treatments.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

If you come here during the high season, you could hide from the crowds by jumping on a boat to discover the charming islands nearby. Just bring a speed boat or motorboat for 15 minutes to Thae Phyu Island. On the island there is a fine white sand beach and a small sacred temple. You be able to walk to Phokalar Island located close to the beach, this is also a very kind-hearted place for your burma journey. If you want to scuba dive watching tropical fish, you have to bring your inclue snorkel.

Visitors to Chuang Tha may drink fresh coconut water, eat fresh seafood, breathe in the breeze with the sea’s salty taste on myanmar package tour. Tides push tremendous shells, small crabs up the beach. You can pick up the shells as souvenirs. Near the beach there are fishing villages that visitors often adventure. Here people sell dried shrimp, seafood and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Local citizen are very hospitable, always hospitable you with a bright smile and would kindly help you. In Chuang Tha there is another highlight, it is the baroque pagoda, located at the finish of the beach.

Kanthaya Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

If you want to enjoy a quiescent and own space, away from urban noise, Kanthaya Beach ought to be the best destination for your burma tour. Not only is it pristine but also tranquil. Kanthaya beach is quite shallow and is 4.5 km long. Unlike the white sandy beach of Ngapali, the sand in this beach is yellow and gravelly. There are no beach sports or souvenir shops. So if you want to come here on your independent myanmar journey, you could not book a room on the internet, but you ought to adventure the hotel directly.

These are the four most attractive beaches in burma that we would offer to you. Hope you inclue found an ideal site for your following trip to burma. Now save money, make up the plan and adventure the beach of your dream!

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Chin Village Trek & Mt. Victoria

Mount Victoria National Park was established in 1994, so-called as Natma Taung National Park. It is 279 square mile wide and settled in Chin State, and spreads over Townships of Mindat, Kanpetlet and Matupi.

This national park features various kinds of forest types, including Hill Evergreen forests, Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous forests, Pine forest and Hill Savannah. On the way to Mt. Victoria Summit, it’s possible to observe jungle trees, orchids and particularly "Rhododendron”. There are also 159 bird species consisting of 5 indigenous, unique birds like "White-browed nuthatch" for example, which may be seen only in Natma Taung National Park.

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Glimpse Burma tour

The perfect Classic Burma Tours are the best Burma holiday packages and discover the cultural tourist destinations such as capital Yangon with a visit to stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, temple city of Bagan, former royal capital Mandalay and the tribal traditions of Inle Lake. The Glimpse Burma Tour appears as one of the best chance offering you the essential glimpse of entire Burma with such a short duration of 6 days.

Burma Highlights

Burma excursions Highlights combines probably the most beautiful sights of this extraordinary country to give you an implausible overview of Burma.
This Burma travel brings you from the hub of Yangon, to the breathtaking Bagan temples, to the cultural centre of Mandalay, to the magical Lake Inle. With 2 nights to discover each and every region you're going to come home with memories and pictures with a view to ultimate a lifetime and an figuring out of this distinctive part of Burma.

Burma Highlights Photos

Tour length: 08 days / 07 nights
Tour type: Journey, Cultural, Classic
Cities: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
Physic Level: Easy

Day 1 Arrival in Yangon

Warmest greetings to Myanmar – the land of golden pagodas and temples. A switch is integrated from Yangon airport to your hotel.
Take the remainder of the day for a traveling to Chautatkhgyi pagoda, famed for the most important reclining Buddha statue in Myanmar, adopted via a pleasant walk in royal place the place you are going to admire Karaweik Palace and the golf green park of Kandawgyi. Your spotlight of at the present time is the talk over with to Shwedagon, essentially the most distinguished pagoda, dominating the skyline of Yangon with a magical golden flash. Our welcomed dinner can be served with wonderful Burmese buffet and beautiful cultural show.
Accommodation: Hotel in Yangon
Meal: dinner

Day 2 Yangon – Bagan

Revel in your breakfast at lodge in Yangon then take a brief flight to Bagan. On arrival, get a pick up to your lodge.
Subscribe to us for an ideal day perception the heritage sites of Bagan. You will analyze in regards to the the rest of more than 2500 temples and their historical past, uncover the individuality of its relics and remits. Htilomino temples, Gaw Damgamgyi temples, Ananda temples will probably be listed in your visiting web sites as the main attractions of Bagan. One of the best highlights in Bagan is the magical sunset on the highest of Shwesandaw ahead of back to your hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel in Bagan
Meal: breakfast

Day 3 Bagan discovery

Colorize your Bagan expertise with a talk over with to Nyang U market. We then consult with Shwezigon pagoda, the olden golden pagoda in Bagan located in Nyang U city. followed by using a horse cart experience will takes us into the local habitat of Manuha, Kaweyai villages. Experience a sunset cruise on Irrawaddy River.
Accommodation: Hotel in Bagan
Meal: breakfast

Day 4 Bagan – Mandalay

A brief flight will convey you to the ultimate capital of Myanmar, Mandalay metropolis. Upon arrival, get a switch to your hotel and enjoy the first discovery of Mandalay starts from Amarapura, known as the former kingdom of Inwa. it's time to watch streams of monks queuing for lunch and learning. adopted via a stroll over Ubein Bridge, the longest teak bridge in Myanmar. revel in a guide boat journey on Maha Ganayon Kyaung lake.
After lunch, we will be able to uncover the royal Mandalay vestiges and relics including imperial Palace, Golden Palace Monastery and Kuthodaw Pagoda also known as the sector greatest guide.
Accommodation: Hotel in Mandalay
Meal: breakfast

Day 5 Mandalay metropolis Tour – Mingun

Start your day with a board journey upstream to Mingun, home to Uncompleted Wall, Sandamuni pagoda and Mingun ringing bell. Our local skilled might be happy to introduce you the lifestyles of people that live on the banks of Irrawaddy River.
As we go south the city, we can consult with Sagaing Hill with its highlights: Buhhda university, Buddha Cave and viewing point the place which you can enjoy the panorama of Mandalay. Pay a visit to Inwa with its wonderful Maha Aungmye Bonzan, Nam Myint Leaning Tower, Bagaya Monastery. Return to you hotel and rest. Free to visit Mandalay night market.
Accommodation: Hotel in Bagan
Meal: breakfast

Day 6 Mandalay – Heho – Inle Lake (flight)

After breakfast at hotel, take a brief flight to Heho, you are going to experience a scenic forty minute using to Nyang Shwe town. There, you will get on a phenomenal boat trip to explore the lifetime of Intha people who is known for one leg rower.
Check in the inn in the course of the lake and spend our time to find native traditional works comparable to making boat, black smith, silk weaving and enjoy the distinctiveness of jumping Cat pagoda.
Accommodation: Hotel in Inle Lake
Meal: breakfast

Day 7 Inle Lake – Indein - Yangon

Talk over with one of the vital unique market on Inle lake which happens 5 days in numerous villages in Inlayarea : the Indein market. there is no better chance to behold the scene of Pa-O, Padang tribes in their conventional attire. Our information will offer you some discuss with to native habitat of Pa-O individuals in Indein. Overnight on the resort in Inle Lake.
Accommodation: Hotel in Yangon
Meal: breakfast

Day 8 Yangon Departure

After breakfast, we visit Scott market and National Museum before heading to Yangon aiport for your departure flight.
Accommodation: not included
Meal: breakfast


Tour included:
- Myanmar Visa Arrangement
- All hotel rooms as mentioned in the itinerary
- All domestic flights as mentioned
- Meals as mentioned ( you can add meals if you prefer)
- English speaking tour guide ( other language, please contact us)
- Entrance fees and zone fees
- Boat trips as mentioned

Tour excluded:
- Meals not mentioned
- Drinks and personal expenses

Enjoy your Myanmar Tours

Burma in Depth

Burma in Depth - is a great trip for the first time visitor to Burma with time to fully explore and discover this vast, diverse and deeply fascinating country. Our privately guided, bespoke holiday allow you to experience Burma slowly, fully and at your own pace. Discover the Burma - Myanmar as a popular 'new' destination.

Burma in Depth Photos Gallery 

Tour duration: 21 days 20 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Cultural, Adventure, Cruise
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Mawlamyine -
Bagan - Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Hsipaw - Pindaya - Kalaw - Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
      Highlights of the tour

  • Immerse yourself in the religious and cultural heritage of Mandalay and Bagan.

  • Train ride through the hills to the colonial Hill Station of Kalaw.

  • Enjoy the vibrant life and waterways of Lake Inle.

  • Unwind on the idyllic white sands of Ngapali beach.


Day 01: Yangon Arrival

Upon arrival at Yangon airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Visit the Sule pagoda and the bustling downtown area, taking in the rich colonial architecture and bustling streets and markets. Return to the hotel for rest and free to discover the city at night.
Accommodation in Yangon
Meal: Welcomed dinner

Day 02: Yangon City Tour

After breakfast, stroll along the banks of Kandawgyi Lake in the centre of the city before we come to visit the unique Botataung Pagoda. When we walk inside the pagoda, we can see many ancient relics and artefacts displayed. Continue to discover the Chinatown area.
In the afternoon we make our way to the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, which is home to a huge Colossal Reclining Buddha. The highlight of the day is a visit to the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, the most outstanding and revered Buddhist pagoda in Burma, whose golden stupa dominates the skyline of Yangon. This is also the most ideal spot from which to watch the sunset in Yangon.
Accommodation in Yangon
Meal: Breakfast

Day 03: Yangon - Bago - Golden Rock

After breakfast, drive 190 km east of Yangon to Kyaikhtiyo. On the way, we stop to visit Bago, the ancient capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century. The most highlights of Bago including Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha, Kyaikpun Pagoda with its 28 meter high huge Buddha Image, Myo Ma Local Market, Chinese Kwanyin Temple and the Kanbawzathardi Palace of King Bayinnaung. In the afternoon, we continue make our way to Golden Rock. Once arrival, we, as well as others, normally have two options to go up the Golden Rock. One way is to walk along the twisting 10km, on the footpath through a bamboo forests. The second way is to travel to the rock by small open trucks, taking one hour.
Accommodation in Golden Rock
Meal: Breakfast

Day 04: Drive to Mawlamyine

Proceed to Mawlamyine via the town of Thaton. If road conditions allow, we stop off the way, visiting Kawtgoon Cave, which has many intricate Buddha images carved into the walls, before continuing on to Mawlamyine. Once the former capital of British Burma, Mawlamyine today is the metropolitan capital city of Mon State and the gateway to Burma’s little visited south-eastern region. In the early evening we make visit to the 9th century Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, the highest structure in the city for the spectacular sunset it offers.
Accommodation in Mawlamyine
Meal: Breakfast

Day 05: Morning ferry to Bilu Island

After breakfast, take a local ferry across to Bilu Gyun (Ogre Island) to visit some of the local communities that lie along the Thanlwin River. Spend time exploring some of the villages and watch traditional craftsmen at work before heading back to Mawlamyine for a visit to other attractions. In the afternoon, we can either visit the old monastery of Seindon Minbaya Kyaung or leisurely stroll along the Strand Road to relax.
Accommodation in Mawlamyine
Meal: Breakfast

Day 06: Mawlamyine - Drive back to Yangon

We spend the day returning to Rangoon overland. On the way, we stop for some photo opportunities, including a visit to the Htaukkyant Allied War Memorial Cemetery in Taukkyan which commemorates over 30,000 British Commonwealth soldiers who died in Burma during the time at the World War II. There are over 6000 beautifully well-kept graves in all. If the time permits, we will have a short visit to Thanlyin, formerly known as Syriam.
Accommodation in Yangon
Meal: Breakfast

Day 07: Yangon - Bagan

This morning, fly to Bagan. This city is no doubt one of the most impressive sites anywhere in Asia. Begin to visit the vibrant Nyaung Oo Market, the economic center of Bagan. Local people gather at this bustling market daily, to buy and sell a variety of goods, from fruit and vegetables to clothing, china, and lacquerware. Continue to the gold-plated Shwezigon Pagoda, Bagan’s greatest reliquary, built to house relics of the Buddha brought from abroad. From here, drive to the small village of Wetkyi-in to see the wonderful Kubyaukgyi Temple, renowned for its ancient murals then Ananda temple, one of the most reserved monuments in the entire Bagan. Your morning excursion also includes the Htilominlo Temple, which houses four Buddha figures on the ground floor and four more on the first floor. After lunch, continue your exploration of the city’s treasure trove of Buddhist art and architecture.
Accommodation in Bagan
Meal: Breakfast

Day 08: Bagan – Mount Popa Day Trip

We then drive to Mount Popa, an extinct volcano with its shrines dedicated to animist spirits known as “Nats”. For the energetic, time to climb up the 777 steps to the shrine at the top of the volcanic plug. Then drive back to Bagan then spend the rest of the day exploring the other temples of Bagan which consists of more than 2500 temples and pagodas. This archaeological site brings us to the scared history of ancient Bagan capital with the development of Buddhism including Mahabodhi, Dhammagangyi, Sulamani, Nandamannya, Thatbyinnuy. Enjoy sunset on a cruise along Irrawaddy river.
Accommodation in Bagan
Meal: Breakfast

Day 09: Bagan - Pakkoku - Monywa

This morning we enjoy a scenic boat ride along the Irrawaddy River to Pakkou, the Burma's bustling tobacco trading centre. Once the boat disembarks, we continue overland drive for about 3 hours to Monywa in the Chindwin Valley. Arrive in Monywa then check in the hotel. In the afternoon, we visit the colourful Thanbuddhyi Pagoda which is home to more than 500,000 images of Buddha and the Hiaungdawmu Buddha, the second largest reclining Buddha in Burma.
Accommodation in Monywa
Meal: Breakfast

Day 10: Monywa Sightseeing - Mandalay

This morning we visit the cave chambers of Pho Win Daung and Shwe Ba Daung. The Po Win Hills houses a system of nearly 500 sandstone caves, with some 450,000 paintings, statues and carvings.
After that, we direct to Mandalay, Burma’s historic and cultural capital for many, for many. En route we stop in Monywee Kayemon village to visit a blacksmith and a local cottage industry to explore the tactics they make slippers.
Accommodation in Mandalay
Meal: Breakfast

Day 11: Mingun River boat – Royal Ancient Palace

Start your sightseeing today with a boat ride upstream to Mingun, home to Mingun pagoda, Pahtodawgyi, the huge Mingun Bell, Hsinbyume. Our local expert will be pleased to introduce you the life of people who live on the banks of Irrawaddy River. After lunch, we travel back to Mandalay city centre to explore Mahamuni Image Pagoda then the Royal Mandalay vestiges and relics covering Imperial Palace, Golden Palace Monastery, well-known for its exquisite wood carvings and Kuthodaw Pagoda also known as the world biggest book. The highlight of this day is the panoramic sunset from the peak of Mandalay Hill.
Accommodation in Mandalay
Meal: Breakfast

Day 12: Mandalay Ancient Capitals

Today we travel outside the city to the Buddha land of Sagaing. This religion hub presents the education for monks with different level. Visit Sagaing University, followed by another visit to Buddha cave and U Min Thonze Pagoda, Soon U Pon Nya Shin Pagoda, Tupayon temple where you can enjoy the great view of Mandalay. This afternoon we will travel to Ava, Amarapura to discover the Maha Aungmye Bonzan, Gabaya Monastery, Leaning Nam Myint Tower and the nearby attractions. Enjoy a walk over U Bein bridge, the longest teak wood bridge in Myanmar. Transfer to the airport for your flight to the ancient capital of Bagan, one of Asia’s most extraordinary destinations.
Accommodation in Mandalay
Meal: Breakfast

Day 13: Pyin Oo Lwin - Anisakan Waterfall

Leave Mandalay for Maymyo, the former British hill station, now called Pyin Oo Lwin, after a scenic two-hour drive. You will find out many reminders of the colonial era still present now in Pyin Oo Lwin, including brick and timber houses. Lay back on a leisurely traditional horse and carriage ride through the town and walk around to see the beautiful recently renovated Botanical Gardens. You also have chance to visit the local market in the center of the town near to the clock tower. In the afternoon, we will take an excursion to the impressive Anisakan waterfalls, north of Pyin Oo Lwin. Overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin.
Accommodation in Pyin Oo Lwin
Meal: Breakfast

Day 14: Gokteik Viaduct - Overland drive to Hsipaw

Catch the Mandalay-Lashio train for a scenic but slow, bouncy and creaky 03-hour ride crossing the spectacular Gokteik Viaduct, which crosses a deep gorge. The Viaduct is 100 metres high and 700 metres long, making it the world’s second highest railway bridges at the time it was done. When the train suspends itself on the viaduct, you will be confronted by a spectacular scene, making it the ideal chance for photo capturing. We disembark at Naung Pain Village then proceed our way to the Shan State's dusty Hsipaw town. Do some sightseeing in town, included a drive up to Thein Daung Pagoda for sunset view.
Accommodation in Hsipaw
Meal: Breakfast

Day 15: Hsipaw Sightseeing

Embark on a one hour cruise along the Dutawaddy River admiringing beautiful scenery along the way. We then walk for 30 minutes to a remote old Shan Monastery passing through pineapple, papaya and orange plantations. After that, we return to the boat and cruise back to Hsipaw where we continue to explore the daily life of the ethnic people. The trip finishes at lunchtime. Free at leisure.
Those who are still interested in further exploration can walk along nearby villages to see some of the cottage industries in the area.
Accommodation in Hsipaw
Meal: Breakfast

Day 16: Drive back to Mandalay

This day we travel back to Mandalay overland. It is no better chance for any tourist to capture the beautiful shots along the way.
Accommodation in Mandalay
Meal: Breakfast

Day 17: Mandalay - Pindaya Caves - Kalaw

Fly to Heho in the Shan state in the morning. Upon arrival, drive to Pindaya to visit the fascinating Pindaya caves with more than 8,000 Buddha images. Later we get to know about the method the local people in Shan state make the umbrellas from cottage material. Overnight in Pindaya. Drive to Kalaw in the afternoon, formerly the charming British Colonial cool retreat. The remainder of the day is free.
Accommodation in Kalaw
Meals: Breakfast

Day 18: Kalaw Sightseeing - Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

Explore the best attractions of this marvellous hill town, including the gold lacquered bamboo Buddha of Nee Paya, the Catholic church of Christ the King.
Continue on by road to Inle Lake. Skimming along the waterways in a long-tail boat, catch a first glimpse of floating gardens, stilt houses, and fishermen propelling their skiffs with one leg wrapped around an oar. Visit the infamous Phaung Daw U Pagoda, which enshrines five Buddha images believed to have been carried to this area by the widely-traveled 12thcentury King Alaungsithu then Nga Phe Chaung Monastery or Jumping Cat Monastery in other words.
Accommodation in Inle Lake
Meals: Breakfast

Day 19: Indein Ruined temples - Nampan village

Boating to western part of the lake where we will be encountered by the ruined Indein, situated on the southwestern corner of the lake. Here you can wander through a typical lakeside village and observe local people in their daily activities. From the top of old Shwe Inn Dein, an impressive collection of ancient and unrestored Shan style stupas, enjoy a stunning view out across the lake and beyond.
We then ride our boat to the Nampan and Innpawkhone villages. Here we get an ideal chance to see some traditional cigar making and silk weaving, and hopefully some local fishermen practicing their uniquely distinctive rowing technique.
Accommodation in Inle Lake
Meals: Breakfast

Day 20: Fly back to Yangon

Return to Yangon then continue to visit the busy 79-year old Scott market with its large collection of local handicrafts, souvenirs and other items.
Accommodation in Yangon
Meals: Breakfast

Day 21: Yangon Departure

Taking your flight back home with impressive memory of Burma.
Accommodation: Not available
Meal: Breakfast

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Luxuries of Burma

Luxuries of Burma combines the highlights of Burma with some wonderful days on the Ayeyarwaddy River aboard the legendary Road to Mandalay cruise. Throughout the cruise, with your own guide and driver, enjoy private excursions that visit the cultural treasures of the country.

Luxuries of Burma Photos Gallery
Tour length: 9 days / 8 nights
Tour type: Luxury tour
Cities: Yangon, Road to Mandalay Cruise, Bagan, Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
Level: Easy


Day 1 Arrive Yangon

Upon Arrival, our Burma Tours Asia’s  guide and driver will welcome you for your hotel transfer. Check in hotel and relax or simply enjoy a first starting at city visit at Shwedagon Pagoda and wandering to discover the colonial town.
In the evening, enjoy our welcome dinner with traditional dancing show at Karaweik Palace restaurant.

Day 2 Yangon – Mandalay by flight

Transfer to airport to take a short flight to Mandalay for private touring. Board Road to Mandalay cruise for three nights

Day 3 Mandalay & environs

Cruising, including private shore excursion. Evening aboard Road to Mandalay cruise

Day 4 Bagan

Full-day private touring of ruins. Evening aboard Road to Mandalay cruise

Day 5 Bagan

Disembark the ship in Bagan. Pick up and transfer to your hotel.  The rest of the day, we will have private tours to this archaeological site which brings us to the scared history of ancient Bagan capital with the development of Buddhism. As we travel further into the land of temple spires, Htilomino, Gawdamgangyi, Ananda and Shwezigon temples will attract your sense of curiosity with a profound impression. The highlight of this day is the sunset from the second highest temple the Shwenandaw.  Horse-drawn carriage ride at sunset

Day 6 Bagan – Inle Lake

Private transfer to airport for short  flight to Heho. Upon arrival, get a pick up to  Nyang Shwe from where you will get on a simple nice boat trip to explore the life of Intha people whose are famous for one leg rower images.  Spend our time to uncover the local traditional work such as making boats, black smith, silk weaving and enjoy the landscapes at Jumping Cat pagoda. Back to your resort for relaxing

Day 7 Inle Lake – Indein discovery.

Today, we will enjoy one of the most unique markets on Inle lake which happens 5 days in different villages in Inlayarea : the Indein market. This is a good chance to behold the scene of Pa-O, Padang tribes in their traditional dresses in the market

Our guide will offer you some visit to local habitat of Pa-O people in Indein.
In the afternoon, come back to your resort for an awesome sunset time.

Day 8 Inle Lake – Yangon by flight

Free to relax till take a boat trip back to Nyang Shwe town and car transfer to airport for short flight to Yangon.
On arrival, get a pick up to your hotel in the city center.
In the evening, free to walk around or go to the Scott market for your souvenirs.

Day 9 Depart Yangon

Transfer to airport to catch your flight home
Enjoy your Myanmar Tours