Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 7, 2018

[PHOTOS] Portraits of burma (Burma) by Our Customer

SEA WANDER tours is honored to introduce portraits of burma with captivating photos by Michael Kennedy - who traveled with us in November, 2016 and shared these outstanding images.
Kennedy was a professional photographer for 20 years, primarily a photojournalist. He achieved publication in tremendous newspapers and magazines, including Sports Illustrated, a outstanding American magazine.
Kennedy stepped away from that world for 15-years to be a high school English teacher. He is now retired, and never far from a camera.

Kennedy was an awesome customer that we were very lucky to meet. Each email he sent reflected his enjoyable sense of humor, and they were always so pleasant to read. He rated us a five-star experience upon arriving home from his burma trip. Read the review of his myanmar adventure on our website or in Trustpilot .

Acknowledgment - All photos displayed here are the work of Michael Kennedy. SEA WANDER has permission to post these photos on our websites and channels only. All other use of these photos ought to possess the consent of Michael Kennedy.

Myanmar Women on train
Myanmar Taxi Driver Myanmar 91 Years old woman

Myanmar Man in a Van

Myanmar Woman with Tanaka

Myanmar Long NeckMyanmar Nun

Myanmar Bhudda

Myanmar Wedding couples

Myanmar Generation Gap